Lights Out Ventures is a consumer-tech focused, early-stage investment firm.

Who We Are

We lead and co-lead Seed & Pre-Series A rounds, in consumer-tech companies, that serve affluent markets and have early signs of product-market fit (traction). We're inspired by founders, and wake up every day excited to get to work with teams building the next generation of category-defining companies.


Our Differentiator

Given our expertise in building & scaling consumer-tech products (with an in-house product studio), we understand everything on product strategy & scale. Hyper-focused on customer retention, we’ve delivered work in product strategy & design, that we are proud of. It is this expertise that we leverage with our investments.

We have an established (and rapidly growing) network of service providers, vendors and agencies that help scale consumer-tech companies, by offloading non-core activities from them.


Our Thesis

Currently, we’re still evolving our thesis every single day. We evolve with experiences and rely on data to strengthen our intuition. Some traits we look for, in every business:

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Sectors with High Potential

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Traction (that validated product market fit)

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At least 1 year of revenue

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Founder Mindset

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Focus on

Affluent Markets

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25L < MRR > 1.5 Cr

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ARR > 3 Cr


Our Investments

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Eat Better

Delicious snacks that improve your health & keep you energized all day.

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Super Human Wellness

Science-backed nutraceuticals brand that promotes a holistic well-being.




Our Team & Advisors

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Founding Partner

Fueling momentum in product strategy for our ventures.

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Founding Partner

Fueling momentum in business strategy & community building for our ventures.

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